Mediterranean Diet & Health

A Nutritional Odyssey in Greece

Experiential Conference with American and Mediterranean Scholars
October 2017 Halkidiki, Greece


Travel to Greece with the award-winning PBS television show, The Cooking Odyssey, leading international experts and Harvard University faculty for a handson, mouth-watering immersion course on the health benefits of the Mediterranean Diet, right where it was born. With world-renowned scholars as your instructors and the Aegean Sea as your classroom, enjoy interactive learning combined with a once-in a lifetime experience of legendary Greek hospitality, healthy & delicious food and wine, warmed by the Greek autumn sun and surrounded by the famed sights, sounds and flavors of Greece, old and new.

About our experiential conference


Featuring amazing beaches and natural reserves, the location of this conference is overlooks the azure Aegean waters of Cape Sani in of Greece’s leading hotel complexes. Halkidiki is a region in northern Greece known for its jutting peninsulas and Mediterranean forests that give way to sandy beaches in sheltered bays where elegant resorts, spa and restaurants are nestled in such beauty. The region’s notable archaeological sites include Stageira, Aristotle’s birthplace, and Olynthus, known for its well-preserved mosaic floors.

The memorable activities secured for the conference’s participants include hands-on experiences in wineries, educational walks in luscious olive groves, visits to a cheesemaker and of course, visiting local wineries. Many other surprises and exclusive events will be disclosed in the full program, available to registrants and confirmed sponsors.

Embark on a Grecian odyssey to explore the rich and authentic tastes and history of Greek cuisine! The Mediterranean diet has been a way of life for thousands of years throughout the Mediterranean, including Greece, Italy, Lebanon, Syria, Spain and Morocco. Most recently, the Mediterranean diet has become the focal point of the health industry worldwide.

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