Dr. Rosa María Lamuela Raventós | Institute for Research on Nutrition and Food Safety

Dr. Lamuela-Raventos is the Director of the Institute for Research on Nutrition and Food Safety (INSA-UB), Associate Professor at the Department of Nutrition, Food Science and Gastronomy, at the School of Pharmacy and Food Science, University of Barcelona, and leader of a CIBEROBN group. She is the IP of the Polyphenol Research Group http://polyphenolresearch.com/. She has more than 250 papers with and an h-index of 62. She is currently working in important International and National projects, related to the nutritional interest of food bioactive compounds.

Complete list of published papers:

Research lines:
– Innovation, development and application of bioactive compounds. Enrichment of food with bioactive compounds. Development of methods of analysis, especially polyphenols and carotenoids in foods such as tomato products, cocoa, citrus fruits, green tea and wine, among others. Identification of bioactive compounds in biological samples (urine, plasma, feces, tissues, and saliva) Evaluate the effect of processing, storage and cooking on bioactive compounds and their bioavailability and bioactivity.
– Clinical and epidemiological studies: The research group is actively involved in several clinical and epidemiological studies. For example, we have collaborated in the PREDIMED (Prevention with Mediterranean Diet) and the PREDIMES PLUS, in clinical studies in humans and animals to evaluate the effect of consumption of bioactive compounds of different foods in health, and to analyze the effect of the matrix and/or doses of absorption phenolic compounds. Nowadays we are also working also performing an intervention nutritional trial to study the difference between organic and conventional growing.